Meet The Maker

I have held a passion for sewing since she was a little girl. I got her first sewing machine from my Uncle, and Aunt int the 80's. It seemed to just come naturally to me. After my mum was killed in a car accident, I lived in various homes. And the passion was always there for sewing, and fashion.


My dream of learning to sew didn't come to fruition until I met Sam's (my son) Dad. His mum was a retired fashion teacher, I have memories sewing in her Kitchen in a little town called Casino, with such patient and kindness she taught me so much of what I know today, my aim still is to sew as perfectly as she does. She gave me the courage, and support I needed to make a start. And so I enrolled at Tafe. It was the best decision I ever made, and succeeding gave me the added confidence to push myself even further.
After completing my certification in Fashion Design and Technology, Sam's Dad and I separated. Sammy, and I were living in a dingy little place, I had no money, and no idea what to do. I called my Pop (the reason I have accomplished what I have)  and said I think I'm going to open a business, and offer Dressmaking, and Clothing Alterations. He said, well do it! What have you got to lose? So he and I went to work, putting everything together from a change room a change room, to a little counter. Finding bargains here, and there. I had customers knocking on my window asking me to do small jobs even before being open. I couldn't afford a table or chair. So I used my glass dining table from home, and my kitchen chair. And so was Born Sew Liberated.                                                       
My dream was to move into a warehouse in Byron Bay. I wanted it to be as a fashion designer, but whatever could get me there. I made enquiries, and found it to be a fairly simple process. So after 5 years growing my business in Lismore, I packed up and took my business to Byron, a laid back town, that is full of dreams, and creativity.
I spent 18 months in Byron, working with Domestic, and Commercial Clients, as a dressmaker and consultant. To say it was amazing was an understatement. This adventure gave me the confidence to Launch my long awaited label Days. I had a couple of Staff on with Sew Liberated, but unfortunately due to a certain type of skill set, we were able to maintain our continued quality that I had built my business on. Not being able to keep up with demand, we closed to the public, and I kept or with our commercial division.  
I wouldn't have been able to make this long awaited decision to follow my dream, without my gorgeous Love, and soon to be husband by my side Kris. He has supported every decision I have made, even when he didn't agree. He helps me at every market. without complaint. And what adds to it, he is excited for me. He has his own version of passion for my passion. 
So here I am again, starting from the beginning. With a little market at the Byron Artisan Markets Every Saturday, My love by mysids. And a passion to succeed. Where will this venture take us, I am not sure. But I know I will love every moment of it. I hope you come for the ride.
Come and Visit us at The Byron Artisan Markets From October to Sometime in April