From a background in commercial production, designing, pattern making, and alterations, along with a fuelled desire to stop fixing other garments.


"Days was born"

We wanted to build a brand that represented positivity, light, softness, strength and resilience, determination, dedication to goals dreams self-belief and most of all HOPE.  We want to empower you to be you.. There is a lot of emphasis on a certain type of lifestyle through fashion.

 Our message to you 


No matter who you are, where you come from, or how you feel. You can wear one of our garments, and as Kristy Turner said it best

"Feel like a Goddess" 

With the use of Natural fibres, we have created our first  collection "May" 

All our garments are Made in Australia, with Australian sourced materials.

May your days be full of hope, joy, and determination


Please Join us on our journey…..